Port View Mahogany Leather Boat Shoes

 Port View Mahogany Leather Boat Shoes

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The Mahogany Leather Boat Shoe is available for purchase nationwide.


Boat Shoes are also called Deck Shoes and they were created from a line of utility shoes worn in the early 40’s to become one of the most worn shoe by contemporary men of the modern times, as such have become a staple in many shoe stores across the world.

The boat shoe or deck shoes or top sider shoes, as it’s fondly called in the manufacturing industry were invented in 1935 by Paul Sperry when he noticed how easy it was for his dog to walk on slipper surface on ice and snow without slipping which was common with him as he wore a leather soled shoe.

Paul examined his dog’s paws and noticed that his grip came from his paws were shaped. He sought out to create a shoe to solve the problem of style and grip especially for sailors. He proceeded to use a knife to carve cuts underneath his leather sole to mirror the paws of his dogs into a rubber outsole.

Days after, a business was born. It was so successful that the United States Navy negotiated a deal with Top Siders to make them custom boat shoes for the Nay.


There are a few things that differentiate the boat shoe from other shoes and one of them is that they were largely hand sewn at the beginning. They also tend to have leather upper lawyers in brown or grey colors. The Top Siders or Boat Shoes were largely focused on these colors because they were designed for sailors. The uppers were usually made out of leather or canvas and of recent, textile.

Oxfords usually come with an open lacing system in front, Boat shoes; on the other hand tend to have a 360 degree lacing system. You must have noticed this in the pictures of the products when you visit your favorite online store. The lacing extends to both sides right to the back of the shoe. The color of the laces used makes it extremely stylish to admire and wear as the colors usually blend into one another.


Boat Shoes can replace loafers or sneakers in your wardrobe. They can be worn with or without stocks but this depends on personal preference. As far as style goes, you are good, if you do either.


This shoe usually come in sizes 41 to 46 but it depends on the store you purchase from. Some merchants also have sizes that run small, so you should confirm before purchasing so you can get a size that fits you and is comfortable especially if you wear bigger sizes like 45 and size 46.


The Price range for boat shoes in Nigeria usually starts from N5,000 and it goes up from there. There are different designers so you need to know which designer and design you want. Sometimes, spending N15,000 on a boat shoe could be seen as an investment especially if you are familiar with the designer while other times, it could be the materials used in manufacturing it or whether it was mass produced or hand sewn. It all depends but the least you can get online is N5,000


Mocks                              N7,500                    VISIT STORE

Sebago                            N10,500                   VISIT STORE

Docksides                        N14,000                   

Mocks Rubber Boat Shoes   N7,500                     

Feysort Store                    N6,500                     

Jiaozu                              N5,000                     

Abesky                             N8,000                    

Hackarini Blue Boat Shoes   N7,000                     

Tommy Hilfiger                   N32,500                   

Lee Cooper Shoe                N10,000                    

Valacci                              N5,500                      

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