Loafer Shoes Guide for Men: Leather Strap Tassel Slip-on Loafer For Men

Leather Strap Loafer For Men

Time to Stand Out!

Loafers have a way of having people get magnetized to your feet. They are easy to wear, easy to take off and very stylish. They also come in different styles like the Brogues Loafers, Loafers with crocodile skin or python skins, Loafers made with leather and suede material. Each has a different design and intention as to the event that it could be worn to.  Not knowing which to wear and how to pair it is why this blog was created.

Loafers for Men

Why are Men Loafers so special?

They look good and could go with different styles but there is something magical about a loafer with tassels.

I once heard that the gentlemen of the 18th century wore Brogues to dinners and social events because there were no loafers then. Imagine a Prince wearing Brogues on Shorts on a Yatch. It almost became a prerequisite then as if you came to such parties without your Yatch or in Brogues, you would be bounced.
But today, we don't have to dress awkward to casual events thanks to the invention of Loafers for men. You also don't need to be part of the aristocrat to afford one.

Leather Loafers comes with Tassels

This particular brand is available for less than N12, 000 in Nigeria. It’s a leather loafer with tassels.  According to Merriam Webster, Tassels is a dangling ornament made by laying parallel a bunch of cords or threads of even length and fastening them at one end. 

This Leather Loafers for men comes with a low-profile synthetic sole to give you a classic and comfortable wear. Not too high and not too low. It's lined with PU lining. The brown color makes it a sleek and executive addition to any clothing and it’s very comfortable to wear and breathable to the feet with the perforations all across the shoe.

Leather Loafers Available in Sizes 7 to 11

The Features of this Loafer

Color: Light Brown
Design: Plain with tiny perforations
Material: Leather
Style: Slip-On
Sizes Available: 7 to 11
Manufacturer: Gab Moren
Delivery: 24-48hours within Lagos only

Where to buy this Loafer and Pay on Delivery

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