Shoes for Men Living In Nigeria (Part 1)

There are different kind of shoes for the stylish Nigerian man, but knowing which to wear and when to wear it is key.

A good example is wearing a loafer on a suit - which is very wrong but most people don't know that. They end up looking awkward due to their shoe preference.

This article is a series and this is the first one.

It will take a look at some great shoes and where you can buy them online in Nigeria.

What you will learn from these series of articles:

  • Learn about different kinds of men shoes.
  • How to purchase shoes online in Nigeria.
  • Men Loafers and dress shoes

  1. The Chukkas
    Chukka Boots

    Want to look corporate and yet a bit casual? Chukkas are your answer. They are the business casual boots for the modern Nigerian man. Chukka boots are very comfortable and makes the man wearing it look very sharp at every turn.

    You can get this men's shoes from various stores online in Nigeria.

    Visit Boots at Jumia or Konga here for designs and sizes
  2. The Loafers
    Men Loafers

    Loafers are every man's dream shoes. They are easy slip ons that exudes class at every turn.There are different kind of loafers: some come with tassels, some with buckle and some are just leather. They always look good and are lovely for the owambe's.
    See more designs on Loafers on Jumia here

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