Casual Shoes: Shoes for Men Living In Nigeria (Part 2)

Shoes for Men Living In Nigeria (Part 2)

Here is the continuation of shoes for men living in Lagos.

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Living in Lagos comes with its costs and with its advantages for any man. What we aim to do with this blog is to showcase different shoes for men living in Lagos, affordable loafers for men, where to shop online for shoes and different shoe styles for men.

Yesterday, we talked about buying chukkas and loafers - two common shoes among men of class. Today we would be looking at two different shoes that are a must for men living in Lagos. I gave some descriptions about buying Chukkas online and buying loafers for men online in Lagos. Here are some other shoes that are necessary for the man of class.

1. Casual street sneakers

Everyone needs casual street sneakers, irrespective of how old you think you are. How else do you intend to dress when going to the bar on a Saturday? You need shoes that can be used for day-to-day runs like going to Shoprite or when going for a car wash. These sneakers are like the Toyotas of shoes: super comfortable and always reliable.

Casual Sneakers for Men

2.  Flip-flops

Also known as casual “sleeps”. Flip Flops are those well designed slippers you can wear around the house or on shorts at the beach. They are usually more elegant than the average slippers and look more exquisite due to their designs. They come in different designs and colors like blue, black and brown flip-flops. Wearing flip flops as a Nigerian gives you that comfortable and stylish look when you are on casuals and they could be a fashion statement, if you can find some very well designed pairs.

Flip Flop Shoes for Men

3.  Black leather dress shoes

You will always have a cousin getting married, a corporate dinner to attend or a service of songs to go to and this is normal in everyday life. These occasions will require you to wear something formal and not casual as you might have wanted. This is where the black leather dress shoes come in. 

It gives you elegance and attracts the right set of people – those who know and value how they look. Don’t think of wearing a black suit with your brown shoes. Don’t! It makes people laugh at you. Dressing like that is similar to pairing a traditional wear with Timberland boots. It’s wrong. Get yourself some black leather dress shoes for the occasion. To get a good leather dress shoe, you don’t have to break the bank. You can get a good one from N14,000 on different stores in Nigeria.

Black leather dress shoe

4.  Lace Up Oxfords

They saw every girl deserves a diamond ring; well every man deserves black lace oxfords. They are the shoes of gentlemen. You can wear them to work or to church and they would never look out of place. In today’s market, you can get them in different colors like black, tan or even red (depending on your taste). Make sure the soles are well sewn. This is important considering the kind of roads we have in Nigeria. Lace-Up Oxfords are classic shoes for Nigerian men who want to look good to work.

Thank you for reading.

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